Biker runs through the Tokyo highway riding a Harley-Davidson

Biker runs through the Tokyo highway riding a Harley-Davidson
Synthwave outrun biker

Cyberpunk and darkwave represent the dark side of the synthwave genre, and just like the sinister stuff, the sunny side of synthwave has its own sonic and visual signatures.

Highways lining the ocean, palm trees just off the road, the tall buildings of the city in the background, standing in the way of colorful sunsets. An airliner passing above you, just taken off to bring the passengers to spend their holidays in an exotic destination. These are some of the main elements that characterize the summer synthwave visuals, leveraging the collective imagination that determined them.

The twinkling atmosphere, enhanced by warm and effervescent analog sounds, evokes images of golden years sunsets, like retro movie. The thrill of driving on the highway, flanked by breathtaking landscapes, to reach your exciting destination. Music and visual that makes you wanna seek adventure, have great time, and fall in love over your summer vacation.

A girl whizzes on the highway on her American motorcycle. Carefree and happy, she is enjoying a wonderful summer to the point that perhaps she will never be able to experience one like this again. Highway Superstar Take My Time music is playing in her helmet. There is an open road in front of her, the luminous sign suggests "FULL THROTTLE". It's time to downshift and open the throttle of her Harley-Davidson to reach the biker friends who are waiting for her in Tokyo city. Admiring the landscape, her heart beats together with the Big Twin of her inseparable motorcycle. Nothing can go wrong on that magical night.

In synthwave music the visual element is key. The cover art of the summer one should contain pastel colors, maybe a boat or an airplane, and probably some palm trees. Here the goal is not just to generate the dream, but to convey optimism. Nostalgia is a huge factor in synthwave, and this kind of traces and images make us want to live or... relive the summer.

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