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Last Breyt™ 1987
is based on synthwave and retrowave culture.
Synthwave (outrun or retrowave) is a musical genre.
And music, you know, evokes emotions
and makes the imagination fly.



Design and Visual Art contribute to materialize the imagination arising from the emotions produced by music. Last Breyt™ 1987 designs for this purpose, to convey sensations, even by telling a story, at least letting it be imagined.
When you are looking at synthwave or outrun artwork, the 80s vibe immediately comes off the screen. Outrun artwork features all the dark and neon stylistic elements typical of synthwave but the imagery focuses more on cars and driving, with an even more retro futuristic feel.
80s sports cars and motorcycles are often "the heros", which bring a greater sense of freedom (or loneliness?) often shines through in outrun artwork.

Last Breyt™ is Marco Molteni, designer, creative, and old school cars and motorcycles enthusiast. Italian, originally from the Greater Milan area, then he moved to The Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam. However, Marco often returns to Italy, so in case, we can meet in Milan!

Who is Last Breyt


Where is Last Breyt

Almere | Flevoland | Netherlands

Main location

Cantù | Lombardy | Italy



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