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Last Breyt 1987

Synthwave Outrun Design
inspired by the 80s

Born from Last Breyt™, which is an incubator of old school essential rides. Last Breyt™ 1987 is the branch based on synthwave and retrowave culture. It is especially related to the visual art world, where design is at the service of the emotions.


More Emotions than Design.

Ferrari Testarossa runs towards the future New York City

Testarossa @ future NYC

Lamborghini Countach in the future Hong Kong

Countach @ future HK

The neon Last Breyt skull

Testarossa @ future Long Beach

The neon Last Breyt skull

The neon Last Breyt skull

Next visual in progress

Next visual in progress


Last Breyt | brat style enthusiast

The “1987 project” was born from the original Last Breyt™, which has always been the promoter of what over the years has become the "bratstyle-style". It is an incubator of the old school essential rides, aimed at seeking for the emotions that they give us. Last Breyt supports and promotes followers, riders, builders, manufacturers.

Last Breyt | a brat style inspiration
a year like any other, maybe


Last Breyt™ and Last Breyt™ 1987 are linked together by the retro style and spirit, when everything was or seemed simpler. From the nostalgia of iron to the analog-synthetic one, the passage is short. Tactile elements (old school engine good vibes) or audio/visual elements (synthwave music and video) that act in the subconscious. Both represent a powerful, resistant and exciting imaginary, the result of a continuous reworking of historical elements, shapes and contents.

An alternative present (or maybe a future) born from the ashes of a vanished time, which categorically removes the real one, only to recreate a more elaborate and sophisticated version, which probably hides the mystery of this time, so modern, so digital, yet still so tied to thirty years ago and beyond.

Some ideas?

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