Chevrolet Corvette C4 parked and waiting for the showdown is an amazing view Synthwave outrun car

Chevrolet Corvette C4 parked and waiting for the showdown
Synthwave outrun car

Synthwave car culture artworks and videos are usually seen as modern interpretations of noir films. The C4 Corvette works well with synthwave music and dark themes, as in the days of the first episodes of Miami Vice, in which the Fake Ferrari Daytona Spyder worked well as a Corvette modified to look like a Daytona. But that's another story...

The C4 Corvette was appreciated for its clean and aerodynamic style - an almost "aerospace" design with its long clamshell hood and pop-up headlights. In the 80s it was advertised as being technologically advanced with a distinct futuristic streak. The part that made it more modern than any other component was the electronic dashboard with a digital liquid crystal display instrument cluster. The 1980’s was a decade of great technological changes. It is possible to grasp all of this by looking at a well-known (at least among lovers of the genre) spot commercial from 1984 - the year the car was released.

During an unspecified year in the near future, a woman dressed in black stood next to her black Vette. Her Wakizashi is already out of the sheath, supported by her shoulders, and ready for action. Her eyes are fixed on the neon sign, as if captured by the lights. The car stereo is playing songs by Stilz The Heist music. She is waiting for somebody, the moment of showdown is near.

The synthwave outrun genre is often linked to action, and is generally not so subtle. Badass and masculine heroes, or lethal women armed with guns and Japanese blades, populate the scene. Dark atmospheres, neon and smoke coming from no one knows where, help create the atmosphere.

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