Porsche 944 runs towards the future Tokyo synthwave outrun car

Porsche 944 runs towards the future Tokyo
Synthwave outrun car

When somebody tells you Porsche, the 911 and the rear 6-cylinder engine immediately comes to your mind. However, at the beginning of the 1980s the factory of Stuttgart launched a model that replaced the little-loved 914, focusing on more decisive shapes and a newly designed engine rigorously Made in Porsche: the 944.

The German manufacturer had already decided for years to focus on cars with a more modern setting. In the 80s, the Porsche 944 was considered a high-level sports car, especially the S and Turbo models. A sophisticated and well-made car at the time, with galvanized bodywork and an almost indestructible engine. The 944 was a superior performance car, which was able to make history. The Porsche 944 was included in the Ten Best List of Car and Driver from 1983 to 1986.

When we step into the Porsche 944 and we are enveloped by its interior, we go back to the Eighties, embracing that atmosphere.

During an unspecified year in the near future, a mysterious man is cruising through the city of Tokyo at full speed. The music of Moskva-Kassiopeya Odyssey, Pt. III accompanies him aboard his Porsche 944, providing him with the adrenaline needed to overcome the dangerous center of Shinjuku, during that foggy night. They will never get him.

In order to create this synthwave-artwork, the German sports car is placed in one of the Tokyo city roads, in the Shinjuku district. As well as New York and Hong Kong, to name a few, Tokyo always ranks among the first places in the top-ten ranking of metropolises related to the outrun – retrowave – future synth genre. Thanks to its numerous dazzling neighborhoods, full of neon and luminous signs, juxtaposed with the often visible skyscrapers in the background.

The outrun genre, a retrofuturist 80s aesthetic of neon lights, is often combined with 80s sports cars, racing on a dark, misty night, brightened only by city and cars lights.

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