Lamborghini Countach in the future Hong Kong is an amazing view Synthwave outrun car

Lamborghini Countach in the future Hong Kong is an amazing view
Synthwave outrun car

The Lamborghini Countach, with the Ferrari Testarossa, tops the list of cars related to the synthwave outrun world. Symbol of success and design brought almost to excess. A car that, stylistically speaking, at the time seemed to come from the future, with its razor-sharp look. And this feature goes perfectly with the retrowave genre linked to the 80s, when it symbolized scintillating speed in the laser-filled garish era.

After the Testarossa it was therefore a duty (and also a pleasure!) to move to design a visual where the hero is the legendary 80s super sports car, which here we can admire in the version that appeared in 1980: Lamborghini Countach S Turbo, 1 of 2 original Countach Turbo in the world.

The Lamborghini Countach is the futurist 80s supercar par excellence, so innovative in design, and so sexy. I am convinced that teenagers of that era preferred to stick in their room a poster of a Countach, rather than a famous underwear model.

In the outrun version made by Last Breyt 1987, the driver's seat has been moved to the right. An "exotic" touch linked to the setting: the metropolis of Hong Kong, quintessential of synthwave-cyberpunk cities. And as always, neon lights and lights could not be missing.

During an unspecified year in the near future, a girl is standing next to her Lamborghini Countach, WAVE79 license plate. Behind her the glittering Victoria Harbor shines, in a hyper-built, over-crowded Hong Kong, degenerated in the welfare state. MoTER Wave Transmission music comes from the car. She is about to get in, but she hesitates a moment. Her thousand-yard stare, her mind evokes nostalgic memories, inebriated by the scent released from the wet ground.

The scene is set in Hong Kong, one of the metropolises that best match the sci-fi cyberpunk / neo-noir genres; as well as Tokyo, New York and Shanghai, just to name a few.

Talking about synthwave and cyberpunk cities, Blade Runner immediately comes to mind. It is one of the most visually iconic sci-fi films of all time, set in the dystopian Los Angeles of the future. But not everybody knows that the director Ridley Scott, imagining the appearance of the megalopolis in the movie, was inspired by the scenery of Hong Kong on a particularly dark and rainy day.

As well as its aforementioned neo-noir cities competitors, Hong Kong offers numerous settings, perfect for creating amazing synthwave views. The skyline of the city interpreted by Last Breyt 1987 is even richer in buildings, and also sees the addition of a mega skyscraper, as in the visual sets in New York. The verticalization of the city is so intense that it obstructs the view of the mountains rising behind the city.

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